Step by Step Process

Here we explain how to carry out the student application process step by step. To begin, you must go to the Admissions tab in the main menu of this page and click on the option Start the process.

Registration Payment

To start the admissions process, you sould pay COP $ 50,000 corresponding to the registration fee. To do so, go to the Admissions tab >> Start the process >> Registration payment. There you will find an instruction manual to support you in this step.

Online Registration

In this second step, you must complete the online registration form. Access it through the Admissions tab >> Start the process >> Online registration. Once you fill out this form, you will initiate a formal communication with the Admissions area, who will accompany you throughout the process.

Required Documents

Only after having completed the online registration will you upload the required documents. To do this, go to the Admissions tab >> Start the process >> Requirements.


  1. One (1) picture of the student candidate.
  2. One (1) recent family picture.
  3. Birth certificate, if candidate was born outside Colombia, the birth certificate of the foreign country is required, legalized and translated (this applies if the language of the document is different than Spanish or English). If the candidate was born abroad, but also holds Colombian citizenship, only the Colombian birth certificate is required.
  4. ID card if candidate is between 7-17 years of age, only for Colombian candidates.
  5. ID cards of both parents, if the parents are not Colombian, ID from their country.
  6. Certificate of good financial standing from prior school(s), only for students transferring from school in Colombia.
  7. Last academic report of the school the applicant attends. Only the last report received will be loaded in this box.
  8. Original certificates of the grades of other years in other schools on the letterhead of prior school, with the signatures of the School Director and the Academic Secretary (if applicable) for Colombian and foreign candidates, according to the following instruction, depending on the level where they are applying to, it is required:
    Preschool: The last grade attended (if any).
    1st - 5th grade: From the last Preschool grade until the current grade.
    6th – 10th: From the last grade in Elementary (equivalent to 5th grade in Colombia) until the current grade.
    The school certificates from other countries should be delivered in hard copy at the moment of enrollment, according to the aforementioned explanation, duly legalized and apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of their country of origin (or whoever is acting on its behalf). Art.19 Resolution 00565 of 2016. Only Preschool grade certificates are exempted from the apostille.
  9. Work certificate of both parents (Employees).
  10. Three (3) most current monthly bank statements (Employees or Independents).
  11. Income tax return from the year before (Employees or Independents).
  12. Income certificate signed by an accountant (Independents).

Personal Recommendation

Three (3) personal recommendation forms to be completed online by the people recommending the applicant. To fill out this recommendation, go to the Admissions tab >> Start the process >> Personal recommendation. The recommendations of the teachers or school employees are not valid. If both parents are alumni, letters of recommendation are not required. Ask the family referrer to complete the recommendation form online, using the applicant's first and last name.

School Recommendation

The college or nursery where the applicant is studying must complete a recommendation, using the applicant's first and last name. Please ask the school to fill out the school recommendation form online, entering the Admissions tab >> Initial process >> School recommendation.

Child's history

In this online form that you will find within the documents requested in "Requirements", information on prenatal and natal aspects, medical data and school history of the child is requested.


In this online form that you will find within the documents requested in "Requirements", parents describe their child, their family and their environment, emphasizing why they consider that Marymount School would be the ideal complement in this relationship. of co-responsibility.

Family Interview

The candidate and his/her family, start a new process that serves as a bridge between the school and the family, this process is called Family Interview and it is beneficial because it allows the school to learn about the learning needs of the candidates, have a better idea of who they are and what they are looking for in their children’s education, as well as having the opportunity to give out information about the process and the school.

Candidate evaluation

The Department of Psychology and specialists will conduct the candidate's evaluation. Additionally, starting in 1st grade the student will be assessed in math, Spanish and English. The documentation will be assessed by the Admissions Committee. This Committee will be able to accept or reject registrations based on the number of spots available for each level. The decision made by the Admissions Committee about your application will be sent via registered mail to the address on your registration form. The students coming from abroad should validate the classes not taken abroad that correspond to the Colombian syllabus.

Required documents for enrollment

(in case the student is admitted)

Final reports or original grade certificates from previous years on the letterhead of the previous school, with the signatures of the Principal and Academic Secretary (if applicable) for both nationals and foreigners, according to the following instructions. Depending on the level at which they enter, the following is required:

  • Preschool: The last grade they attended (if any).
  • 1st to 5th: From the last grade of preschool to the current grade.
  • 6th to 10th: From the last grade of elementary school (equivalent to 5th grade in Colombia) to the current grade.

Study certificates from other countries must be delivered physically at the time of enrollment, as explained above, duly legalized and apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of origin (or whoever acts in their place). Art. 19 Resolution 00565 of 2016. Only preschool grade certificates are exempt from the apostille.

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