Building Character Through Values

Under the Marymount Way we understand values as convictions that are evident in daily behavior, and re ect a lifestyle based on spirituality, honesty, excellence, responsibility and respect (SHERR).


Is the way the individual connects with God, himself, and everything that surrounds the individual, finding the true meaning of his/ her life.


Is a way of living congruent between what an individual thinks and what he/she does according to the greater good. Is being truthful in all aspects of one’s life, with intentions, words, and actions.


Is a quality which makes individuals find inner strength, and transform it into the most positive attitudes and actions for the benefit of others. It is about doing one’s best on a daily basis, to surpass ordinary standards towards constant personal growth.


Is taking ownership of one’s thoughts, words, and actions to transcend and inspire a larger community with one’s example.


Is treating oneself, others, and everything that contribute to the common good, giving the best of herself/himself, while maximizing the potential of others.

Global Competence

Based on the work of the Global Education Network at the Asia Foundation, global compe- tence at Marymount is the students’ ability to investigate the world, recognizing their own and other’s perspectives, to engage effectively with others in order to take action that promotes sustainable development in the world.

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Finally, we de ne entrepreneurial leadership as the capacity to transform ideas and challenges into actions to create a life project grounded in Catholic principles and values; in uencing other individuals to achieve the common good, giving the best of themselves and enhancing the best version of others.

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